Writing is Hard. Let’s Blog About It!

Writing is difficult for me. The world is saturated with everyone else’s words and who cares to read mine? How can I stand out? What do I write about? Where do I begin?

I am a casual writer. I’m an emailer, a texter, and a notetaker. I email for work, text in my free time, and write notes for school. Even though I’m a digital creative, I prefer to use pen and paper. I’d describe my style as informative and quirky. I like talking directly to the reader using (personal thoughts) inserts and accentuating my words in italics so the way I’m speaking can be understood.

Even though I love pen and paper, my writing process begins on my computer. I refer to my handwritten notes and type any words that pop into my head. I jot down anything that I think is relevant and edit sentences as I go. I’ll disconnect sentences, correct spelling errors and keep writing. After a paragraph or two of spilling my thoughts onto paper, I re-read the mess I’d just written and re-arrange my sentences. Usually, the second or third paragraph ends up becoming my opening paragraph.

My career is in video production, so the expression of my words are shown through my art. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” after all! I’ve never liked writing for academia because I have difficulty with structure and expanding my thoughts. I’m sure other artists can agree that our thoughts are scattered. Structuring my paragraphs and tearing my sentences back to their bare bones is a difficult process for me. I like to keep things concise; Less is more. I assume most people know where commas should go and how to spell, but writing is not something I appreciate until I read bad writing. I don’t have to describe bad writing because…you know it when you see it.

Even though I don’t like the process of writing, I don’t think I’m that bad at it. I’d hope that most enjoy to read the words I write, just like I hope they enjoy the videos I make. I know that throughout my graduate studies and my future working life, I will need to continue writing. I hope the more that I practice, the easier these words will flow from my brain to this keyboard. The art of writing isn’t going anywhere and neither are my words.

One response to “Writing is Hard. Let’s Blog About It!”

  1. You’re a good writer, Jackie. Think of it as an art itself – maybe it will come a little more easily to you.


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