This is a growing collection of my printed and digital design work.

Tri-fold Brochure

Florence, Italy
Travel Guide

Have you ever been to Italy? I studied abroad during my undergrad in Florence, Italy. It was such a dream and I can’t wait to go back someday. I used all of my own photos for this pamphlet.

The Type Family I used was Requiem. This typeface is Venetian Old-Style, modeled from a Renaissance Roman calligrapher. I wanted to make sure I was using a typeface that was true to the origin of the brochure.

 A few ways that I “broke the grid” and made sure the pamphlet wasn’t totally blocky, was I text wrapped some of the images. I didn’t like the boxed look of the images on the page, so I cut them out in photoshop and was very happy with the results.


Green Thumb

The typeface is Harlem Script. This type seems friendly and approachable. I also like that there are a few holes in the font as well, making it seem natural and earthy. 

The bottom font is Avenir Next with extra kerning. I thought it would help the logo feel more clean. 

This logo is for a made-up business!


Buying a Home

As I am going through the home-buying journey myself, I created an infographic.

The process of purchasing your first home can be daunting, as there are many steps, actions, channels, and thoughts that occur.

This infographic journey map of the home-buying process lists out action items step by step, along with a icon key and a buyer persona.

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Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitations

I designed and created my own wedding invitations in Adobe Illustrator. I used toothy waterpaper to give the invites a more organic feel.

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