Content Strategy

Content Strategy Proposal

St. Charles Public Library

request for proposal for website development was released by the St. Charles Public Library District, in St. Charles, IL. In the RFP, the statement of purpose cites that the St. Charles Public Library District seeks proposal from qualified professional website design and development consultants to redesign the library’s website using a content management system for the purpose of building and maintaining the site.

Bunch Media created this content strategy proposal to answer the call for the request for proposal. The RFP from St. Charles Public Library is real, and the content proposal from Bunch Media was created for a graduate class for real-life practice.

Take a look at the full proposal here.

Content Audit and Analysis

The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary‘s website was analyzed for a content audit. Using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, the website was audited for SEO, accessibility, and website structure. The website was additionally analyzed for accessibility using WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. The content and writing within the website were audited and analyzed by Bunch Media.

Take a look at the full audit here.

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