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AD Design

In my last blog, I created a logo for a made-up company called Green Thumb Plant Shop. In this blog I’m creating an advertisement design for this plant shop. Advertising. It’s everywhere. Posters, commercials, print, digital, etc. Advertisements grab people’s attention and draw them in. Targeted ads have to reach their audience and be distributed…

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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

This week in Visual Design class I was tasked to create a fictional movie poster. The design brief was that I could only use my own photographs or I can draw something. Well, I can’t draw, but I have thousands of photographs! But, where do I even start? I knew I wanted to do something…

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About Me

My name is Jacklyn Bunch.

I’m a photographer, videographer, and editor.

I love all animals, even reptiles.

I live in Southern Vermont with my fiancé and pets.

I’m in Grad School working toward a degree in Interactive Media and Communications.