Hi. I’m Jacklyn Bunch.

I am a videographer, content creator, and strategic planner.

I work with entrepreneurs and businesses who want to build their brand, expand their audience, and create content.

Latest from the blog:

  • The Home Buying Journey

    Myself along with every other millennial, have come of age where we have started to think about purchasing our first home. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused an unprecedented rise in home buying. If you have not started the process of buying your own home, let’s walk through it with a visual journey map. Journey…

  • Ideation Methods on Streaming Apps

    Ideation is the third step in the design thinking process. After empathizing and understanding users, you then use this empathy to define the human-centered problem or problems. The third step is called ideate or ideation. Ideate is the part of the design process where you generate radical design ideas. Ideation is the process of exploring…

  • Defining User Problems with Streaming Services

    First, we empathize with the users or customers who are using the product or service. We empathize by listening, watching, and understanding the end user. Then, we define the problem. The Define stage of the design thinking process is exactly what it sounds like. You cannot solve a problem without first understanding and defining the…

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