Walmart or Target: Which Has the Best Online Shopping Experience?

When shopping online at a big box store, I typically gravitate towards Target. As someone who is learning about UX, I wondered why Target is my preference. I decided to perform a website analysis between Target and a competitor, using feelings and needs statements as it relates to UX and UI. I chose Walmart as the competitor site and I was curious how my feelings and needs were satisfied (or not) by each website. I conducted a similar searches on each website (search, navigation menu, checkout, etc.) to compare the two. Most of the feelings and needs statements relate to my user experience on the site, while some relate to the visual interface on the website.

Each statement follows a specific template:

The _____ makes me FEEL _____ by meeting my NEED for _____.


The _____ makes me FEEL _____ by NOT meeting my NEED for _____.

Below is an example of my feelings and needs statements from my analysis while exploring both of the websites.

Target main menu analyzed with my feelings and needs statements

In this example I took a look at the main menu navigation on both the Walmart and Target website. I had a specific item in mind I wanted to navigate to, bedding. On the Target website I felt comfortable using the navigation to find what I was looking for because the menu wasn’t too big. I was able to choose one option at a time and I liked the flow of the menu. My general sentiment towards this experience was positive.

Walmart main menu analyzed with my feelings and needs statements

On the Walmart website I immediately felt overwhelmed by the mega-menu. There were way too many options in my face at once, and my eyes didn’t know where to look. My sentiment towards that experience was negative. I found that I had more positive sentiments towards the Target website, which is probably why I use it more!

Take a look at the full Website Analysis here:

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