What Goes Into Web Design?

Does your website need a renovation? Do you need to make a website from scratch? Web designers follow a 6 step process to ensure their designs are successful. As I re-design The Marina Restaurant website, I'll inform you on the "how to's" of web design. From project goals to delivery, here's what you need to … Continue reading What Goes Into Web Design?

5 Ways to Improve Your Website

It's easy to get hung up on aesthetics when making a website, or any design. You might ask yourself, "What colors should I use? Where should I put my logo?" But good web design is more than that. Whats the key to a good website then? The short answer is UX. User Experience According to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Website

AS-IS and TO-BE Analysis

In web design, or any other product development process, User Research methods are performed to analyze and test usability, function, and performance of your product. There are several methods that can be deployed depending on your desired goal or outcome. The book, UX Methods: A Quick Guide to User Experience Research Methods is very handy … Continue reading AS-IS and TO-BE Analysis