Why Responsive Design Matters

The way we access and interact with the web has vastly changed over the last decade. With the advancement of smartphones, designers had to change their websites to be accessible on smaller screens. Web designers had to find a way to adapt their websites for various desktop resolutions, tablets, and mobile devices. Creating separate versions … Continue reading Why Responsive Design Matters

HTML5 Semantic Elements: Explained

HTML was originally created as a language to describe documents on the internet. As the internet has evolved, HTML has also changed. Very quickly, people wanted the web to start looking nicer. The web wasn't initially built to be designed, it was built to share documents. Programmers started using hacks to get elements laid out … Continue reading HTML5 Semantic Elements: Explained

WordPress vs. Hand-Coding

When building a website, there are three approaches to choose from: A Content Management System(CMS), HTML Editors, and Hand-Coding. Which option should you choose? Well, it all depends on your experience with web development and your desired outcome. Let's look at the options. 1. Content Management Systems (CMS) content management system A Content Management System … Continue reading WordPress vs. Hand-Coding

What Goes Into Web Design?

Does your website need a renovation? Do you need to make a website from scratch? Web designers follow a 6 step process to ensure their designs are successful. As I re-design The Marina Restaurant website, I'll inform you on the "how to's" of web design. From project goals to delivery, here's what you need to … Continue reading What Goes Into Web Design?

5 Ways to Improve Your Website

It's easy to get hung up on aesthetics when making a website, or any design. You might ask yourself, "What colors should I use? Where should I put my logo?" But good web design is more than that. Whats the key to a good website then? The short answer is UX. User Experience According to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Website

Usability Testing

In recent posts I've talked about user research methods. Today's method is about usability testing. Usability testing is an observation of users attempting to complete a set of tasks with your product based on scenarios. Participants interact with the product as they think aloud, and user performance is evaluated. This evaluation is based on task … Continue reading Usability Testing

Product Development Life Cycle

Every product developed has its own life cycle. The idea product life cycle has four stages: concept, design, develop, and release. After reading about product lifecycles in Understanding Your Users, I was immediately reminded of a video I created for MIT Sloan. In this video, students were separated into two groups and tasked with creating … Continue reading Product Development Life Cycle

Website Overhaul

Over the next several weeks I will be researching and analyzing user experience, or UX, as it pertains to a web design. I will to develop a new web design and deploy tests and surveys throughout the process. By the end of the next seven weeks I'll have learned all about user-centered design and have … Continue reading Website Overhaul

Italy Travel Brochure

Benvenuti amici! Have you ever been to Italy? I studied abroad during my undergrad in Florence, Italy. It was such a dream and I can't wait to go back someday. For the final week in my Visual Design class, I was tasked with creating a travel brochure. I have to compile everything I've learned into … Continue reading Italy Travel Brochure

Web Design

Everyone knows about the internet. The internet is a primary place for people to gather information, connect, and explore. A person who visits a website makes several choices: to move through it, enter information, search, read, comment, play games, download content, etc. Streamlined design and easy navigation are key to a successful website. Devices + … Continue reading Web Design