Text Analytics and Keyword Analysis

Today we're going over Social Media Text Analytics for Business Intelligence. We will explain the several reasons why social managers analyze social text and will provide an example on how to perform a keyword search and analysis. Social Media Text Analytics  Purpose of Social Media Text AnalyticsKhan, Gohar- Social Media Analytics, 2018 Text analytics is … Continue reading Text Analytics and Keyword Analysis

Product Development Life Cycle

Every product developed has its own life cycle. The idea product life cycle has four stages: concept, design, develop, and release. After reading about product lifecycles in Understanding Your Users, I was immediately reminded of a video I created for MIT Sloan. In this video, students were separated into two groups and tasked with creating … Continue reading Product Development Life Cycle

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

This week in Visual Design class I was tasked to create a fictional movie poster. The design brief was that I could only use my own photographs or I can draw something. Well, I can't draw, but I have thousands of photographs! But, where do I even start? I knew I wanted to do something … Continue reading Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!