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Aerie Social Media Audit

This week I performed a social media audit on Aerie. I already follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook, but was curious what their social presence looked like on other platforms. Aerie is a favorite brand of mine, because of their inclusivity and positivity on all body shapes and abilities. I analyzed their content on…

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Why You Should Use Social Media For Business

Social media is a powerful tool, and our phones have turned into pocket-sized computers. The way that people have consumed media has changed vastly over the last decade, and businesses need to keep up with the latest trends. According to Keith Quesenberry’s Social Media Strategy, we spend more time on our phones than watching television–spending…

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Coding: Template Web Pages

I’m new to the world of coding, but I was able to achieve a new skill! I downloaded a web page template from W3 Schools and edited the code to make it my own. Here’s how it went. CMS Systems & Coding As you may or may not know, the website that you are reading…

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