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How to Keep Your Information Private on Social Media

Scenario: “You are an online marketer. You mainly rely on email marketing and social media. A new prospect reaches out to hire you for her online consulting business. She uses her name for her branding. However, she is very much concerned about privacy issues in social media. She is overwhelmed with the idea of using…

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What does the Headspace App do with my Data?

Hello! Welcome to today’s blog where I’ll be examining the privacy policies on an application on my iPhone. I’m interested in digging deep and revealing what kind of information they are collecting from me, why they collect this information, and what they do with my information. I think it’s important for us (users) to see…

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Location and Hyperlink Analytics

Location Analytics is the practice of mining the location of people and their data, and visualizing the results with mapping. GPS embedded in our phones provide location-based services to consumers and provide data to location miners. Location analytics can be helpful in understanding cultural behaviors, aiding in localized weather alerts, and many other safety hazards.…

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