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Text Analytics and Keyword Analysis

Today we’re going over Social Media Text Analytics for Business Intelligence. We will explain the several reasons why social managers analyze social text and will provide an example on how to perform a keyword search and analysis. Social Media Text Analytics Text analytics is used to examine and discover: sentiments, trends, intentions, stance, and concepts.…

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Social Media Metrics that Matter

There is a vast amount of information and data available when looking at social media metrics. Just because there’s so much data readily available, doesn’t mean that you need it all. Picking out what social media metrics to analyze should align with your business goals. If you’re new to social media analytics, this blog will…

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What is Social Media Analytics?

72% of Americans use at least one form of social media. Everyone knows what Facebook is, and why people use social media–there’s no need to explain that. But, why has the idea of analyzing social media interactions and gathering its data become so popular? Here’s the short answer: Analyzing social media data (social media analytics)…

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Analysis of a Social Post

Today we’ll be touching the surface of social media analytics. So for those of you that are new to social analytics, this post is for you! I decided to analyze one of my favorite beer companies, Harpoon Brewery. They have fantastic beer and are employee owned! We’re going to take a look at their Facebook…

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Paid Ads vs. Organic Posts

We’ve All Seen Paid Ads Social media advertising reaches their audiences either by pay-per-click (ppc) advertising, influencer generated content, or display ads. Most of the time, these ads reach you because you’ve been chosen as the brand’s target market and this company is heavily paying for their ads to get in front of your eyeballs.…

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Aerie Social Media Audit

This week I performed a social media audit on Aerie. I already follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook, but was curious what their social presence looked like on other platforms. Aerie is a favorite brand of mine, because of their inclusivity and positivity on all body shapes and abilities. I analyzed their content on…

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Why You Should Use Social Media For Business

Social media is a powerful tool, and our phones have turned into pocket-sized computers. The way that people have consumed media has changed vastly over the last decade, and businesses need to keep up with the latest trends. According to Keith Quesenberry’s Social Media Strategy, we spend more time on our phones than watching television–spending…

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Coding: Template Web Pages

I’m new to the world of coding, but I was able to achieve a new skill! I downloaded a web page template from W3 Schools and edited the code to make it my own. Here’s how it went. CMS Systems & Coding As you may or may not know, the website that you are reading…

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What is SEO?

The short answer is search engine optimization. The world of search engine optimization is complex, but understanding even the basics can make a big difference in web traffic. From keywords, to links, and search engines, this blog will cover the basics of SEO. Search Engines Everyone knows what a search engine is. It’s Bing. It’s…

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About: Bunch Media

Hi, I’m Jackie. For those of you that follow my blog, I often talk about my graduate studies and things I’m learning. From visual design, web design, UX, and more. But I’ve never introduced myself and what I do. I’m a photographer, videographer, multimedia specialist, and graduate student. I graduated from Keene State College with…

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