Semantic Differential Analysis

When performing UX research methods, there are several choices and paths you can go down. In my last blog I talked about a method called the System Usability Scale. In short, that method is a great way to measure functionality and usability within a system. The method I’ll be going over today is called the…

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System Usability Scale

As I begin my research into User Experience (UX) methods, I’ve had to narrow down which methods I’ll be using. A super handy book for reviewing these is UX Methods: A Quick Guide to User Experience Research Methods. In one of my last blogs, Website Overhaul, I talk about Olallie Daylily Gardens, the lucky website…

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Product Development Life Cycle

Every product developed has its own life cycle. The idea product life cycle has four stages: concept, design, develop, and release. After reading about product lifecycles in Understanding Your Users, I was immediately reminded of a video I created for MIT Sloan. In this video, students were separated into two groups and tasked with creating…

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Website Overhaul

Over the next several weeks I will be researching and analyzing user experience, or UX, as it pertains to a web design. I will to develop a new web design and deploy tests and surveys throughout the process. By the end of the next seven weeks I’ll have learned all about user-centered design and have…

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