AS-IS and TO-BE Analysis

In web design, or any other product development process, User Research methods are performed to analyze and test usability, function, and performance of your product. There are several methods that can be deployed depending on your desired goal or outcome. The book, UX Methods: A Quick Guide to User Experience Research Methods is very handy … Continue reading AS-IS and TO-BE Analysis

Semantic Differential Analysis

When performing UX research methods, there are several choices and paths you can go down. In my last blog I talked about a method called the System Usability Scale. In short, that method is a great way to measure functionality and usability within a system. The method I'll be going over today is called the … Continue reading Semantic Differential Analysis

Product Development Life Cycle

Every product developed has its own life cycle. The idea product life cycle has four stages: concept, design, develop, and release. After reading about product lifecycles in Understanding Your Users, I was immediately reminded of a video I created for MIT Sloan. In this video, students were separated into two groups and tasked with creating … Continue reading Product Development Life Cycle

Website Overhaul

Over the next several weeks I will be researching and analyzing user experience, or UX, as it pertains to a web design. I will to develop a new web design and deploy tests and surveys throughout the process. By the end of the next seven weeks I'll have learned all about user-centered design and have … Continue reading Website Overhaul

Italy Travel Brochure

Benvenuti amici! Have you ever been to Italy? I studied abroad during my undergrad in Florence, Italy. It was such a dream and I can't wait to go back someday. For the final week in my Visual Design class, I was tasked with creating a travel brochure. I have to compile everything I've learned into … Continue reading Italy Travel Brochure

Web Design

Everyone knows about the internet. The internet is a primary place for people to gather information, connect, and explore. A person who visits a website makes several choices: to move through it, enter information, search, read, comment, play games, download content, etc. Streamlined design and easy navigation are key to a successful website. Devices + … Continue reading Web Design

AD Design

In my last blog, I created a logo for a made-up company called Green Thumb Plant Shop. In this blog I'm creating an advertisement design for this plant shop. Advertising. It's everywhere. Posters, commercials, print, digital, etc. Advertisements grab people's attention and draw them in. Targeted ads have to reach their audience and be distributed … Continue reading AD Design

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

This week in Visual Design class I was tasked to create a fictional movie poster. The design brief was that I could only use my own photographs or I can draw something. Well, I can't draw, but I have thousands of photographs! But, where do I even start? I knew I wanted to do something … Continue reading Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!