Content Strategy Proposal

What is a request for proposal (RFP), and what is a content strategy proposal? A RFP is a document that companies use to solicit proposals, often made through a bidding process. The bidders are typically an agency or company interested in being a potential supplier or servicer and they are the ones to create a … Continue reading Content Strategy Proposal

When is Advertising Unethical?

The average person views up to 10,000 advertisements a day. Whether we realize it or not, ads are everywhere. Advertising agencies and brands have gotten incredibly talented at blending their ads into native content. Magazine ads can look like a photo for an editorial piece and TikToks videos by influencers can be ads. The only … Continue reading When is Advertising Unethical?

Website Content Audit

Today I generated a website audit and report on a fantastic non-profit organization, The Elephant Sanctuary In Tennessee. The Elephant Sanctuary's website was analyzed for a content audit. Using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, the website was audited for SEO, accessibility, and website structure. The website was additionally analyzed for accessibility using WAVE Web Accessibility … Continue reading Website Content Audit

Content Strategy: Where to Begin?

Content strategies are all about problem-solving. These strategies can focus on solving problems within a business, like easing the flow of communication or making a user-friendly website. On the other hand, content strategy can help solve business challenges and workflow issues. How Has Content Strategy Changed? content strategy The history of content management and strategy … Continue reading Content Strategy: Where to Begin?

How to Manage Video Content

Whether you're reading this blog for the first time or a returning visitor, hello and welcome! I am a multimedia specialist, meaning I create and manage a multitude of content as a large part of my job. My biggest content source is digital video, which naturally takes up a lot of hard drive space. I … Continue reading How to Manage Video Content

How to Keep Your Information Private on Social Media

Scenario: "You are an online marketer. You mainly rely on email marketing and social media. A new prospect reaches out to hire you for her online consulting business. She uses her name for her branding. However, she is very much concerned about privacy issues in social media. She is overwhelmed with the idea of using … Continue reading How to Keep Your Information Private on Social Media

What does the Headspace App do with my Data?

Hello! Welcome to today's blog where I'll be examining the privacy policies on an application on my iPhone. I'm interested in digging deep and revealing what kind of information they are collecting from me, why they collect this information, and what they do with my information. I think it's important for us (users) to see … Continue reading What does the Headspace App do with my Data?

Location and Hyperlink Analytics

Location Analytics is the practice of mining the location of people and their data, and visualizing the results with mapping. GPS embedded in our phones provide location-based services to consumers and provide data to location miners. Location analytics can be helpful in understanding cultural behaviors, aiding in localized weather alerts, and many other safety hazards. … Continue reading Location and Hyperlink Analytics

Text Analytics and Keyword Analysis

Today we're going over Social Media Text Analytics for Business Intelligence. We will explain the several reasons why social managers analyze social text and will provide an example on how to perform a keyword search and analysis. Social Media Text Analytics  Purpose of Social Media Text AnalyticsKhan, Gohar- Social Media Analytics, 2018 Text analytics is … Continue reading Text Analytics and Keyword Analysis